I love saying bedroom bondage. It sounds so dirty and hot, doesn't it? I truly get off having my beloved blind folded and tied to the bed. He can't move, he can't see, and I get to do whatever I please with him. Oh I love to please him.

Why Bondage? 

Bondage and teasing isn't all about just not letting him orgasm.

It's something of a lifestyle. It's also not about you being the bitchy dominatrix who has his balls in your hand and him being the sex slave who caters to your every demand. That's not a healthy relationship. We're talking about a partnership, and trust; a lot of trust.

Bondage itself is also a lot of trust. To be honest, it took a lot for me to be blindfolded the first time. I didn't' know what to expect, I didn't know if something would go wrong, and I was scared out of my head.

I have a very trusting relationship with my beloved and so we gave it a try. Not once was I made to feel uncomfortable or scared, only pleasured in the most tantalizing ways imaginable.

Later, as things progressed with the bondage play, we both opened ourselves up more and explored new territory. Bedroom bondage adds a sense of trust to the relationship and can really heighten your emotional and physical pleasures.

What Not To Do. 

Bondage is not a way to control your beloved.

You cannot restrain him, blindfold him or her, and then let others into the bedroom for their humiliation.

I actually read an online story like that once, and laughed my ass off.


Because there was no way it was true.

If you were trying to humiliate your beloved, you wouldn't be worried about playing safely with bondage toys. Also, any dominatrix and sex slave situation of that level would have the poor man scared for his life. Don't believe that's part of male chastity. It isn't. It's also not healthy for a couple to do that to each other.

What to Do. 

Bedroom bondage is unlimited. It's all about the pleasure. A little love play with a blind fold or some whips and chains can be exciting.
Handcuffing him and pleasuring his cock can be just as exciting. The thing is to be respectful of one others boundaries, to not break their trust, and to pleasure your partner.

Take turns being tied up.

Tease and deny him relentlessly for his own pleasure, and let him make you cum all night, while you squirm under the pleasure of his restraints.

Bedroom bondage isn't only for his pleasure, but pleasure for both of you.